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Office of Mental Health

HCBS Assessment and InterRAI

Who can get HCBS?

  • HCBS are for eligible people enrolled in HARPs
  • To determine if a HARP member is eligible for HCBS, HARP enrollees will have an assessment using the community mental health suite of the interRAI
  • The assessment will provide information to assist in development of a person-centered, plan of care for each person

How will assessments happen?

  • HCBS assessments will be completed by Health Home care managers
  • Care managers will do an eligibility assessment (initial assessment) to determine if a HARP member ( or HARP eligible HIV Special Needs Plan enrollee) qualifies for HCBS. If the member qualifies, they will receive the full functional assessment.
  • The HARP member and their care managers will use the HCBS Assessment information to develop a Person Centered Plan of Care
  • After the HCBS Assessment is done, a Health Home Care Manager will work together with the member to identify and select the Home and Community Based Services to include in the plan of care.

When will assessments happen?

  • Full functional assessments happen annually, or when a person has a significant change in their circumstances or needs.

All questions or complaints regarding Behavioral Health Medicaid Managed Care should be submitted to the OMH Division of Managed Care using the OMH MC Question/Complaint Form. This ensures all questions or complaints submitted can be reviewed and responded to by appropriate staff within OMH and/or the Department of Health.