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Office of Mental Health

Timeline and Notice of Changes

Behavioral health is going to be a part of managed care. Some people will have the option to choose a new type of health plan called a Health and Recovery Plan (HARP).

When do these changes happen?

For people who live in New York City and who are on Medicaid only

  • Between October 2015 and December 2015, Medicaid Managed Care will start to manage behavioral health services. People will get a letter telling them when services will start for them
  • HCBS will be available in January 2016 (HCBS are for people in HARPs and people in HIV Special Needs Plans who have had an assessment and who need them)

For people who live outside of New York City and who are on Medicaid only

  • Medicaid Managed Care will manage behavioral health services starting in July 2016

People will get letters in the mail telling them about these changes.

Letters about the changes to behavioral health services and managed care:

  • Everyone who is affected by this change will get a letter letting them know that their Managed Care Plan will now manage behavioral health services

Letters about HARPs:

  • Everyone who qualify for a HARP will get a second letter that will tell them about their choices for joining a HARP, what they can do next, and where to get more information
  • HARP letters will be sent between July and October 2015

If people do not get a letter or if they have questions, they can call New York Medicaid Choice at 800-505-5678.

Sample HARP Enrollment Letters

NYC (Passive) | NYC (Active) | NYC Special Needs Plan | Rest of State (Passive)
Rest of State (Active)

What are the choices for people who get HARP letters?

Most people who are eligible for a HARP do not have to do anything to join because they will be automatically enrolled in their plan's HARP. For these people, the letters will tell them:

  • That they do not need to take action to join a HARP
  • That they can choose not to be in a HARP
  • How to choose a different HARP if they want to

Some people who are eligible for a HARP will have to decide to join a HARP. For these people, the letters will tell them about:

  • The action they need to take to join a HARP
  • Who to call if they want to join a HARP

All questions or complaints regarding Behavioral Health Medicaid Managed Care should be submitted to the OMH Division of Managed Care using the OMH MC Question/Complaint Form. This ensures all questions or complaints submitted can be reviewed and responded to by appropriate staff within OMH and/or the Department of Health.