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Office of Mental Health

New York State Office of Mental Health’s 2015/16
Enacted Budget

by the Office of Financial Management

2015/16 OMH Enacted Budget All Funds – Appropriations
  State Operations Aid to Localities Capital Total
2014/15 Available $2,197,002,000 $1,362,391,500 $90,165,000 $3,649,558,500
Net Executive Changes $0 $52,093,500 $222,307,000 $274,400,500
2015/16 Executive Budget $2,197,002,000 $1,414,485,000 $312,472,000 $3,923,959,000
Net Legislative Changes $0 $8,782,000 $0 $8,782,000
2015/16 Enacted Budget $2,197,002,000 $1,423,267,000 $312,472,000 $3,932,741,000

The Office of Mental Health's (OMH) final 2015/16 Enacted Budget includes more than $3.93 billion in All Funds Appropriations, which represents a net year to year increase of $283.18 million.

Aid to Localities

OMH’s Local Assistance appropriations totaling $1.423 billion in the 2015/16 Enacted Budget bills were increased from the Executive Budget Recommendation by approximately $8.782 million for the following legislative actions:

The 2015/16 Enacted Budget accepted the Executive proposals to control growth while supporting an expansion of forensic mental health services and reinvesting savings to support an expansion of community based mental health services to reduce the need for State inpatient services. The final OMH Budget includes:

The final Budget provides funding in other state agency budgets that will improve community services and improve the coordination of community care, including:

Importantly, the final Budget also includes funding to continue a full range of behavioral health transformation activities such as the integration of health and behavioral health services and facilitating the transition of behavioral health care services from a fee-for-service system to a managed care environment. More specifically, the DOH Budget includes $115 million for:

State Operations

OMH’s State Operations appropriations of $2.197 billion in the 2015/16 Enacted Budget remain unchanged from the Executive Recommendation.

The final Budget accepted the Executive proposals to control growth while reinvesting State bed closure savings to expand community based services. Moreover, OMH’s Budget achieves cost containment through the implementation of administrative and personal and non-personal services efficiencies, but also funds important new initiatives to expand forensic services that will improve the assessment, screening, and treatment of individuals having serious mental illness and histories of violence. More specifically, the final OMH Budget includes:

Article VII Legislation

The final 2015/16 Enacted Budget included Article VII legislation to: