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Office of Mental Health


Artistic expression has long been recognized for its role in dealing with inner emotions, reconciling conflict, promoting healing and renewal, enhancing inner peace, stimulating positive feelings and empowerment, deepening self–awareness and personal growth, and being restorative. Artistic creativity is a vehicle for sharing the truths that reside in each of us.

Personal Journeys
Here you will find stories from consumers as they traveled on their journey to recovery.

Art on 8
View the current art exhibit displayed in Central Office on the 8th floor at 44 Holland Avenue in Albany, NY as well as previous exhibits that were shown in the past.

We urge you to submit your expression of recovery (PDF) to be posted on our website!

Other Artistic Expression Resources

  • American Art Therapy Association Leaving OMH site
    AATA is an organization of professionals dedicated to the belief that the creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life enhancing.
  • Foundation for Hospital Art Leaving OMH site
    Based in Atlanta, the Foundation Since is dedicated to softening the hospital environment with colorful paintings, wall murals and ceiling tiles.
  • International Child Art Foundation Leaving OMH site
    ICAF is dedicated to advancing and celebrating child art and visual learning globally. Through its programs and publications, ICAF fosters creativity and confidence in children and promotes communication, understanding and cooperation among them.
  • Martín Ramírez Leaving OMH site
    Read about Mexican artist Martín Ramírez,who has been called “simply one of the greatest artists of the 20th century” by the New York Times. All of his drawings were created inside DeWitt State Hospital in Auburn, California.
  • National Art Exhibitions by the Mentally Ill Leaving OMH site
    NAEMI is dedicated to discovering, studying, promoting, exhibiting, and preserving the art of those struggling with mental illness throughout the world.
  • National Institute of Art & Disabilities Leaving OMH site
    NIAD provides an art program that promotes creativity, independence, dignity, and community integration for people with developmental and other disabilities.
  • Survivors Arts Foundation Leaving OMH site
    This foundation encourages healing through the arts by empowering trauma survivors with effective expressive outlets via internet art gallery, outreach programs, national exhibitions, publications and development of employment skills

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