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Office of Mental Health

Legal Services

  • Advanced Directive
    Information and guidance on preparing a directive in the event of future mental health treatment and your preferences.
  • Mental Hygiene Legal Services Leaving OMH site
    MHLS is responsible for protecting and advocating for the rights of people who live in facilities licensed to provide services for mental illness, developmental disabilities or chemical dependence, and to advocate for individuals wherever they may reside or placed in involuntary outpatient treatment. MHLS operates out of field offices located throughout the Fourth Department.

  • Professional Misconduct Leaving OMH site
    To ensure public protection in New York State, the NY Education Department’s Office of the Professions (OP) investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct in all professions except medicine. Professional misconduct is the failure of a licensed professional to meet expected standards of practice.
  • US Department of Health and Human Services–Office for Civil Rights Leaving OMH site
    OCR helps to protect you from discrimination in certain healthcare and social service programs.

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