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Office of Mental Health

Financial Literacy

Money Management: A Guide for the Young & Inexperienced Leaving OMH site
Handling money is something many people can learn more about. Older adults often struggle and get into credit card debt because they haven't learned how to handle money. For young people, learning how to manage money will help throughout a lifetime.

Setting out on Your Own Leaving OMH site
Preparing to be out on your own can be fun and exciting, but it also means taking on new financial responsibilities. Learn how to prepare a budget and try it out.

Focus on Finances: Preparing For Your FutureLeaving OMH site
Whether you’re planning to continue your formal education after you graduate from high school or enter the workforce full-time, you’re ready to take your place among the ranks of American consumers. Learning about consumer issues like credit, identity theft, and buying a car – and how they can affect you – are important lessons for life.