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Office of Mental Health

NY Thankful Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about the way we live our lives. We are finding a new normal because of the roles YOU and other New Yorkers have played.

We want to publicly Thank You New York.

Because we are NY Tough
NY Smart
NY Loving
and NY Thankful


Practicing gratitude can help boost positive thinking. Being seen and appreciated provides validation and resilience during tough times.

Let's join together and be NY Thankful.


We'll take your ideas and make social media graphics for all of New York to share!

Here are a few examples:

"Thank you, Students for Washing your Hands."
"Thank you Grocery Store Workers for Keeping Shelves Stocked."

  • Please avoid thanking someone specific for something personal. Ex: Thank you Uncle George for Making Us Dinner.
  • Please note that by submitting your idea you agree to it being used for a free-use uncredited social media graphic. Submitted content may be edited.

Want to share our graphics on social media? Download the photos from our Facebook Page.