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Miller-Broadway Recovery and Treatment Center provides a broad range of mental health services to meet the needs of adults with a diagnosis of mental illness. We provide a combination of diagnostic and treatment services with the goal of helping individuals with mental illness overcome some of life's difficult circumstances.

Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of mental health and recovery. We work with individuals across all stages of recovery. All staff are trained in Trauma and Recovery, Addictions and Relapse Prevention, Forensic Mental Health, as well as various research-based treatment modalities in clinical care.



1384 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14212

(716) 894-9672

Central Intake Number:
(716) 816-2218


7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.,
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Closed on holidays.

Treatment Services OffereD:
- Individual Intensive Psychotherapy
- Supportive Counseling
- Medication Management
- Psychiatric Evaluation
- Psychological Testing
- Group Psychotherapy (under development)
- Assistance with referrals to other needed services.

Miller-Broadway RTC Brochure

Miller Broadway Brochure

Rehabilitation and Recovery Services offered:
- Vocation Counseling
- Health Education
- Peer Run Group
We provide:
- Clinical treatment of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
- Assistance with Family Life and Social Relationships
- Service Planning and Coordination
- Problem Solving Skills Teaching
- Daily Activities Skills Teaching
- Relapse Prevention
- Medication Management
- Vocational and Educational Assistance
- Healthcare Education and Linkage
- Money Management and Entitlement Assistance
- Housing Assistance

Who will benefit:

Individuals aged 18 and over who are experiencing mental health problems and are found to have a primary psychiatric diagnosis.

1384 Broadway Buffalo, NY 14212 · (716) 894-9672