Office of Mental Health




The Recipient Associate Managers of Buffalo Psychiatric Center (RAMs) are recipients of mental health services who have been successful in recovery and who provide recipient input in the planning, development, and evaluation of services provided by Buffalo Psychiatric Center.


As an administrative management group, RAMS work to help shape services that better satisfy recipient needs and preferences. Members sit on many different Buffalo Psychiatric Center (BPC) committees where they review and comment on policy and procedures. They also participate in the organization's planning groups and assist at the Self Discovery Center on the main Buffalo Psychiatric Center campus.



RAM members are recruited from BPC and other provider/peer agencies in the Western New York area. They receive a two-week intensive introductory training. RAMs receive support in managing their own recovery and successfully achieving life goals. RAM members are paid for their participation.

Additional training:
A two-year program of training is provided to all RAMs to promote leadership and managerial skills. Some examples of training include: Effective People Skills, History of the Peer Movement, Coaching and Mentoring, Conflict Negotiation, Computer Skills.

The training, combined with practical experiences, prepares people for careers in management and leadership in the mental health system and workforce at large.

For more information

Contact Robin Alwine, Coordinator, 881-2494.