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Creedmoor Psychiatric Center History

Background and History of Creedmoor

Creedmoor stands on land that was a farm owned by the Creed family. A railroad which ran from Long Island City to Bethpage had a stop close to the campus which was named "Creedmoor." Historical documents speculate that the name derived from the Creed's Moor, which described the terrain.

In 1870, the New York State Legislature purchased a part of the Creed farm and a parcel of an adjacent National Rifle Association range to house the New York State National Guard. Several international rifle tournaments and technical improvements resulting in longer range bullets resulted in numerous complaints from surrounding residents. As a result the range was abandoned until 1912.

History under the "N.Y.S. Commission for Lunacy"

1870 200 acres purchased from the Creed family. Land included Creed farm, NRA acreage and New York State National Guard barracks
1908 Acreage made available as a state hospital site to replace L.I. State Hospital later known as Brooklyn State Hospital, and subsequently Kingsboro Psychiatric Center.
1912 Opened as the Farm Colony of Brooklyn State Hospital with 32 (thirty-two) patients
1918 150 (One hundred and fifty) patients living in the abandoned National Guard Barracks.
1922 Funds allocated to build patient housing, a powerhouse, kitchen and diningroom.
1923 Funds appropriated to build an administration building, storehouse, firehouse, housing for nurses and other employees.
1926 Buildings 73 and 74 completed and occupied by patients.
1929 Inpatient buildings 70 and 71 opened with medical facilities and a census of 1,163.
1933 Buildings 1 and 2 opened and census reached 3,319.
1937 Construction on assembly hall and Community Store opened. The campus as we see it today south of Union Turnpike.
1950 Creedmoor was housing 6,000 inpatients on the wards.
1956 Buildings 38 and 39 were completed on the north side of the campus.
1959 Building 40, designed to house 1,068 patients was opened. This increased the census to more than 7,000.
1960 The beginning of the census decline with the introduction of medications to treat psychiatric illness.

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