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Office of Mental Health

Home and Community Based Services Waiver
Guidance Document
Division of Children and Families


Roles and Responsibilities: SPOA, DSS, OMH Field Offices, OMH Parent Advisors


Single Point of Access (SPOA)

The SPOA’s provide initial intake and screening of referrals and determine appropriate service level. They usually complete the initial Child Assessment of Needs and Strengths (CANS) rating instrument for Waiver applicants. The SPOA assures that if no Waiver slots are available, the applicant’s needs are managed through other services until there is an opening.

Local Department of Social Services (LDSS)

The County Department of Social Services’ Medicaid Unit is responsible for determining Medicaid eligibility and making any necessary changes (e.g., codes) to the system for pre–enrolled children. The County Department of Social Services’ Children’s Services can select to purchase additional, non–OMH sponsored, waiver slots for their counties utilizing local preventive services funding.  The federal government pays 50%, 17 ½ % is paid by the LDSS, and 32 ½ % by the Office of Children and Family Services.

As of 2006, the “preventive–funded slots” are acquired in bundles of six to maintain the six to one client to ICC ratio. They are administered in an identical manner to the OMH–funded Waiver slots and are subject to the same OMH policies and procedures.

Field Coordinators

Field Coordinators are encouraged to be creative in their efforts to support their regional HCBS Waiver programs. Their responsibilities include:

Parent (Family) Advisors

The following list of activities represents roles currently performed by OMH Parent Advisors. Parent Advisors are encouraged to be creative in their efforts to support their local HCBS Waiver programs. Responsibilities include: