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Office of Mental Health

October 1, 2007

Notice to All OMH Contractors

Federal law requires that OMH provide its contractors with information about the federal False Claims Act, the New York State False Claims Act and other federal and state laws that play a role in preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse in federal health care programs. This information must include the whistleblower protections that are in these laws. OMH must also provide its contractors with information about OMH's own policies and procedures for detecting and preventing waste, fraud and abuse.

You can find detailed descriptions of these laws, their whistleblower protections and OMH's policies at You can also visit the New York State Medicaid Inspector General website at Leaving OMH site to obtain information about these laws. If you have any difficulty finding this information or wish to request a paper copy, please contact OMH Counsel's Office at 518-474-133.

As a contractor of OMH, you are required to participate in the reviews and audits described in OMH's policies, and to abide by these policies with respect to funding for OMH services.

You are also required to make the information at the web site address listed above available to all your employees and to all of your contractors involved in performing work under your contract with OMH.

Thank you.