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Office of Mental Health

Information for Consumers

The Information for Consumers website, which is being developed in partnership with local mental health authorities and provider organizations, is intended as a main HIPAA information resource for consumers of mental health services delivered by programs licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health. Here, mental health consumers will find information on the new federal legislation that sets national standards for the privacy and security of electronically transmitted patient health information. The information shown here:

  • examines HIPAA compliance and implementation issues that are of particular concern to the local mental health community;
  • is responsive to the needs of mental health consumers;
  • contains HIPAA material that is accurate, timely and relevant to mental health consumers, providers and counties; and
  • includes valuable HIPAA materials, such as training materials, checklists and assessment tools that have been successfully implemented and tested by other government agencies, mental health trade organizations and health care organizations.

This website will be used by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) to disseminate information on important local HIPAA issues and to alert visitors to new HIPAA developments. It will also be used to post, where appropriate, OMH-developed HIPAA forms and training materials, and offer valuable tips on HIPAA compliance and implementation strategies.

The Information for Consumers website will be updated on a regular basis in an effort to disseminate HIPAA information in a timely manner and ensure that the material posted continues to be relevant, accurate and valid.