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Office of Mental Health

Kendra's Law: Final Report on the Status of Assisted Outpatient Treatment
Resources to Provide Court-Ordered Services

The Governor's budget for Fiscal Year 2005-2006 provides more than $32 million for operation of services in support of Kendra's Law. This appropriation continues State support of case management and other services aimed at keeping recipients in a treatment program, including psychiatric medication as required. Since Kendra's Law went into effect, Governor Pataki has also acted to expand access to case management and other key community-based mental health services that would be needed by individuals receiving court-ordered treatment, as well as many other individuals with severe mental illness who have less intensive, but still substantial, service needs. The Governor's budget for Fiscal Year 2005-2006 also provides more than $125 million in ongoing funding for such services. This "Enhanced Community Services" funding has been used to both improve and expand the capacity of the existing community-based mental health system and to strengthen the cohesiveness and coordination of that system. More specifically, Enhanced Community Services were designed to steer the New York State mental health system toward a more person-centered, recovery-oriented service delivery approach, and were targeted for the following purposes:

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