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Office of Mental Health

Status of Persons Under AOT at Court Order Termination

This section describes the status of AOT recipients when their court-order is terminated. Figure 8 displays the distribution of reasons for termination of court-ordered treatment. The most frequently cited reason is that the individual has improved and is no longer in need of AOT (66%). The next most frequently cited reason is that the individual is hospitalized at the end of the court order and a long stay in the hospital is anticipated (14%).

At the time of court order expiration most individuals were living either in independent or supervised community-based settings. Fortyfour percent were living in independent settings, alone or with parents, spouses, other relatives, or other persons. Twenty-one percent were living in either assisted/supported living or supervised living settings. Nineteen percent were in psychiatric inpatient settings, while three percent were incarcerated at the time their court order expired.

Figure 8
Reasons for Court Order Termination

Reason Percent
Condition improved - no longer in need of AOT 66%
Hospitalized / long stay is anticipated 14%
Other 12%
Relocated 5%
Incarcerated 3%

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