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Office of Mental Health

OMH Institute for Program and Policy Innovation (IPPI)

About the Institute

Mission: advance an efficient and strategic approach to translating the agency’s vision and goals into specific policies, projects, and programs.

IPPI helps to develop a streamlined approach for addressing urgent issues in public mental health. By increasing agency efficiency, OMH can provide better services and lower costs for the people of New York State.

Thought Leadership

The IPPI provides guidance to mental health professionals and agencies; helping them identify and employ best practices.
Areas of focus:

  • Conducting research and evaluation
  • Collaborating with OMH’s two world renowned research facilities.
  • Comprehensive reviews of existing literature and environmental scans
  • Convening of discussion forums
  • Development of white papers and similar work products
  • Presentations in select settings

Program and Policy Development

The IPPI promotes front line policies, programs and projects that meet agency goals and better serve the people of New York State.
Critical clinical and public mental health topics include:

Analytic Intelligence

The IPPI helps make report development more efficient and orients staff to data resources available at OMH. Our methods translate findings from completed projects into products that audiences can understand and act on.


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