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Office of Mental Health

Person Centered Planning
Practice and Resources

A handbook for Rehabilitation and Recovery

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Developed by: Diane Grieder, Masters in Education (M.Ed.)
Janis Tondora, Psy.D
Valerie Way, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered (LCSW, R)

... In collaboration with
NYS Office of Mental Health PROS Staff:

David Bucciferro
Jill Dorsi, LCSW-R
Nancy Koltko, LCSW-R
Liam McNabb
Daniela Puorto, M.Ed.

June 2012


Person Centered Planning: Practice and Resources has been developed as a comprehensive tool for implementing person centered recovery planning in Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS).  The handbook can be accessed and downloaded from the OMH website in its entirety or in individual sections.  Chapters, exercises, and resources can be duplicated and distributed as hand-outs and resources as part of training for PROS practitioners and participants.

Person Centered Planning: Practice and Resources is organized into five chapters which each discuss an aspect of integrating person centered recovery philosophy into PROS Services and practices.  Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter so that individuals can explore and discuss the chapter material in greater depth.

In addition to the chapters, additional resources have been provided. These include a list of web-based resources, hand-outs for training purposes, and a bibliography. 


Chapter 1: Person-Centered Planning and PROS (241kb)
Chapter 1: Exercises (49kb)
Chapter 2: The Planning Process: Initial Steps to Creating the Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP) (129kb)
Chapter 2: Exercises (49kb)
Chapter 3: The Role of the Interpretative Summary in Formulating an Integrated Understanding of the Person (178kb)
Chapter 3: Exercises (67kb)
Chapter 4: Crafting the IRP: Objectives, Services, Supports and Interventions (131kb)
Chapter 4: Exercises (88kb)
Chapter 5: The Product: Evaluating Progress and Outcomes (101kb)
Chapter 5: Exercises (46kb)


Answer Key for Appendix I Exercises (182kb)

Appendix II

Web Based Person-Centered Planning (PCP) List (35kb)
PCP Recovery Pyramid (146kb)
Stage of Change Jan 2013 (58kb)
PROS Service Stage of Change (39kb)
Sample PROS IRP (87kb)
Quick Guide to Developing Goals (180kb)
11-14 Chart Review Sub Scale (48kb)
11-14 Person In Recovery (PIR) Sub Scale (39kb)


References (61kb)

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