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Office of Mental Health


Master Tracking Spreadsheet

Clinic QI teams are expected to maintain a list of clients that have been identified as having a quality concern to provide actionable data that support CQI activities.  This list of positive cases can be shared with clinical staff to ensure that they are aware of any quality concerns to be addressed during a client’s appointment; used as a tool to track client status; and provide the QI team with data about progress towards project goals.  The master list should be updated regularly.

OMH recommends the following strategy for identifying and tracking positive cases:

  • Initially, the QI team logs into PSYCKES and exports the list of unduplicated recipients for the summary indicator into Excel, making any corrections necessary. This forms the basis for a running, comprehensive list of positive cases identified for the project.
  • The team adds columns for additional information of interest (e.g. clinic name, indicators, therapist name, date identified, date evaluated, intervention, and outcome of clinical evaluation).
  • If the clinic is using additional methods to identify positive cases, these names are added to the list.
  • The list is sorted by clinic and/or clinician and distributed to appropriate staff.
  • Each month thereafter, the QI team checks the “New QI Flag” and “Dropped QI Flag” tabs in PSYCKES.  After verifying the data in clinic records, the team updates the list to incorporate any changes in positive case status.

A sample spreadsheet developed by using this technique and more detailed instructions can help you design a master tracking spreadsheet.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the PSYCKES Team.