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Office of Mental Health


2011 GNYHA-PSYCKES Quality Collaborative
Reducing the Cardiometabolic Quality Concern in Hospital Mental Health Clinics


In 2011, the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) partnered with the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) to conduct the first-ever behavioral health quality improvement collaborative among GNYHA members.  This initiative used the learning collaborative model to identify, disseminate and implement best practices focused on appropriate antipsychotic prescribing practices for individuals with cardiometabolic conditions.  Outpatient mental health clinics in eighteen participating hospitals formed quality improvement teams responsible for managing key project activities, including 1) reviewing the medication regimens of all clients positive for the quality concern, 2) changing the regimen if indicated, and/or documenting the rationale for continuing the regimen, 3) tracking progress over time.  The Psychiatric Services and Clinical Knowledge Enhancement System (PSYCKES) served as a health information technology tool to inform quality improvement processes and clinical decision-making, and to measure project impact. 

Project Sponsors and Participants

Learning Collaborative Activities and Conference Materials

Project Tools

Project Impact:

At nine months (September 2011), several measures of project impact suggested that participating hospitals had successfully implemented processes to reduce the use of higher-risk antipsychotics among clients with cardiometabolic concerns:

  • Participating hospitals demonstrated a 19.4% annualized decrease in the prevalence of the cardiometabolic indicators, compared to a 3.5% annualized decrease among non-participating hospitals. 
  • Participating hospitals dramatically reduced the numbers of clients with cardiometabolic concerns started on a higher-risk antipsychotic, recording a 51% decrease, compared to a 16% decrease among non-participating hospitals.

Most recent GNYHA-PSYCKES Quality Collaborative Monthly Report (178kb)

Most recent GNYHA-PSYCKES Quality Collaborative Quarterly Report (266kb)

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