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Office of Mental Health


Readmissions Quality Collaborative
Project Impact

The Readmissions Quality Collaborative Steering Committee is developing a reporting plan to track performance of participating hospitals and the collaborative as a whole.  The reported data provides actionable information for use in the Quality Improvement (QI) process and demonstrates project impact.

Monthly Summary of Self-Report Data

Hospitals in the Quality Collaborative participate in a monthly online data submission survey.  The Psychiatric Services and Clinical Knowledge Enhancement System (PSYCKES) team aggregates this monthly self-report data and reports back to the Quality Collaborative.

Quarterly Report of PSYCKES Medicaid Data

The PSYCKES Data Analysis Team prepares quarterly reports to the Quality Collaborative, based on the PSYCKES-Medicaid data. These quarterly reports provide context by comparing the data from participating and non-participating hospitals.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the PSYCKES Team.