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Readmissions Quality Collaborative
Prescriber Survey on Long Acting Injectables and Clozapine

The Readmissions Collaborative Steering Committee strongly recommends that participating hospitals administer the Prescriber Survey on Long-Acting Injectables (LAIs) and Clozapine to prescribers in any services focusing on these medication approaches.  The survey will inform project action plans by providing information about prescribers’ educational needs and/or other barriers to increasing the use of these medications.  It may be used as a pre- and post-test to assess progress made during the collaborative.  Hospitals administering the survey should do so as soon as possible between January 1 and February 28, 2013 (see details below).  The survey is available in two formats:

The Collaborative is grateful to Dr. John Kane and Dr. Taishiro Kishimoto of the Feinstein Institute of the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System,Leaving OMH site who developed this survey specifically for the use of the Collaborative. 

Survey Administration Procedures

  1. When a hospital chooses to administer the survey, all prescribers in services participating in the collaborative should be required to complete the survey.  This will ensure a sample size great enough to yield useful data. 
    • The hospital may opt to include additional services in the survey; all prescribers in the additional services should be required to complete the survey.
  2. The survey should be administered as soon as possible between January 1 and February 28. 
  3. Those taking the survey will identify themselves by hospital and service, but not by name.
  4. If a hospital administers the paper survey, they must then enter the responses into the online survey.
  5. The PSYCKES team will report back to the Collaborative with data
    • on the Collaborative as a whole
    • Hospital/Service level data (de-identified)
  6. Comparison - Paper vs. Online:
    • Paper: hospital can ask prescribers to do it in a meeting and can know specifically who completes it, but must then enter data into the online survey.
    • On-line: no need to do data entry; but hospital will only know the number of prescribers in each service who completed the survey, not individuals’ names.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the PSYCKES Team.