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Office of Mental Health

MyCHOIS Project Overview

MyCHOIS is an innovative Web-based portfolio of reports and tools developed by New York State Office of Mental Health to promote active participation by consumers in their treatment and recovery. MyCHOIS includes three major components: the My Treatment Data portal, which allows Medicaid consumers to view and comment on their treatment history; a Learning Center, which provides access to educational materials and recovery tools; and CommonGround, a shared decision-making tool.

Consumers use MyCHOIS to complete a MyCHOIS CommonGround Health Report prior to each medication appointment at computer kiosks dedicated to MyCHOIS use. Trained peer specialists assist consumers as they navigate the MyCHOIS program, empower consumers to find appropriate resources in the Learning Center and function as integral members of the MyCHOIS quality improvement team. As clinics incorporate MyCHOIS and the MyCHOIS CommonGround Health Report into daily use, we anticipate an enhanced focus on client-centered care, more frequent shared decision-making, an improvement in client and prescriber satisfaction and an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of medication visits.

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