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Office of Mental Health


Freestanding Mental Health Clinics Quality Improvement Project
Recorded Webinars

The PSYCKES team conducts live webinars for PSYCKES users and clinicians. Attendees can ask questions during the live seminar (see calendar). Recorded versions of the webinars are available to view anytime.

The following recorded webinars are relevant to the Quality Improvement Initiative in freestanding mental health clinics:

Title Description Materials Date Recorded
PSYCKES Utilization Reports for VBPLeaving OMH site Provides training on the Utilization Reports designed to support providers in preparing for Value Based Payment (VBP). The reports include Medicaid Managed Care Plans and Product Lines, Provider Network, and Service Settings and Volume. PSYCKES Utilization Reports for VBP Slides

June 8, 2017

Webinar: PSYCKES Mobile App for iPhones & iPads Leaving OMH site Provides training on the PSYCKES mobile app, including how to install the app, login, look-up a client, and access the Clinical Summary. PSYCKES Mobile App for iPhones & iPads May 23, 2017
2016 CQI New Project Overview Leaving OMH site This webinar provides a review of new project options for the Office of Mental Health 2016 Continuous Quality Improvement initiative. Not Yet Available July 28, 2016
Project Update: Health Promotion and Coordination Project  Leaving OMH site Project Update webinar for clinics that selected the Health Promotion and Coordination Project—reviews project progress; discusses successful work flow processes and project-specific clinical strategies from high performing clinics, and reviews next steps and goals for 2015. Project Update: Health Promotion and Coordination Project Slides* February 10, 2015
Using PSYCKES for Clinicians Leaving OMH site This webinar provides an introduction to the clinical use of PSYCKES. Reviews the procedures for logging in and searching for clients, the information available in the Clinical Summary, and the process of using the PHI Access Module to enable access to client data. Using PSYCKES for Clinicians* November 18, 2014
The PSYCKES PHI Access Module Leaving OMH site Provides an overview of the PSYCKES PHI Access Module and the procedures for obtaining client consent. With consent, in a clinical emergency, or attestation of service, the PHI Access Module is used to enable access to individual data for clients without a quality flag and/or with no Medicaid billing history at the provider. It is the only way to access client data with special federal and state protections (substance abuse, HIV, family planning, and genetic information). The PSYCKES PHI Access Module Slides* March 12, 2015
Using PSYCKES: Train the Trainer Leaving OMH site Prepares attendees to deliver hands-on PSYCKES training to other PSYCKES users. Reviews the competencies to be taught and the key information to be communicated. PSYCKES Train the Trainer* August 6, 2014

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