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Recorded Webinars

The following recorded webinars are relevant to Using the PSYCKES application:

Title Description Materials Date Recorded
Using PSYCKES from HomeLeaving OMH site This webinar will review information on using PSYCKES from home, such as token setup at home and login instructions, where to get the PSYCKES consent form, obtaining verbal consent for PSYCKES during the state emergency, how to lookup a client in PSYCKES and enter consent, COVID-19 related functions in PSYCKES, and how to access technical support. Using PSYCKES from Home Slides* May 21, 2020
PSYCKES: Train the TrainerLeaving OMH site Highlights strategies and tips for how individuals can train other staff on the use of PSYCKES. Reviews core features of PSYCKES, identifies core competencies, and models training approaches. PSYCKES Train the Trainer Slides* April 1, 2020
PSYCKES Access and ImplementationLeaving OMH site Provides a review of best practices for implementing PSYCKES, procedures for granting staff access to PSYCKES using the Security Management System (SMS), procedures for attesting to ability to view client level data (e.g., client consent), and how to obtain agency/hospital-level access to PSYCKES.
Recommended for: users responsible for managing implementation of PSYCKES in clinical or care coordination settings.
PSYCKES Access and Implementation Slides* April 22, 2020
Using PSYCKES Recipient SearchLeaving OMH site Provides review and demonstration of the Recipient Search functionalities. Recipient Search is used to search for individual recipients and to conduct flexible searches for cohorts of interest. Example group searches include recipients by age group, AOT status, HARP status, Health Home enrollment, behavioral health or medical diagnosis, medication, service setting, etc. Using PSYCKES Recipient Search Slides* March 3, 2020
Using PSYCKES Quality Indicator ReportsLeaving OMH site Provides a review and demonstration of how to use the “My QI Report” in PSYCKES, using the quality measure and flag in PSYCKES called “High Utilization” as an example. Learn how to use My QI Reports and Recipient Search to identify individuals who meet criteria for this flag, how to review the prevalence rates for the measure, and how to export the reports to PDF and Excel. Using PSYCKES Quality Indicator Reports Slides * March 26, 2020
Enable Access to Client-Level Data in PSYCKESLeaving OMH site Provides overview for enabling access to client-level data in PSYCKES. Focuses on features relevant to provider agencies/hospitals. Recipient Search and the PHI Access menu are used to enable access to client data with special protections (substance use, HIV, family planning, and genetic information). The webinar will review the procedures for obtaining client consent and various levels of access to client information in PSYCKES. Enable Access to Client-Level Data in PSYCKES Slides* April 9, 2020
Using PSYCKES for CliniciansLeaving OMH site Provides in-depth review of the client information available in the Clinical Summary. Includes an introduction to PSYCKES functions used by clinicians: logging in, searching for clients, and enabling access to client data. Using PSYCKES for Clinicians Slides* April 14, 2020
PSYCKES Mobile App for iPhones & iPadsLeaving OMH site Provides training on the PSYCKES mobile app, including how to install the app, login, look-up a client, and access the Clinical Summary. PSYCKES Mobile App for iPhones & iPads Slides* May 14, 2020
New Features Training: QI Trends, HARP HCBS, PCP, & MoreLeaving OMH site Provides a demonstration of new features added to PSYCKES in release 6.8.0 in February 2020, such as: Quality Indicator Trends Past Year reports, Transition from WMS to NYSoH filters, HARP HCBS Assessment Status and Results from UAS, Primary Care Physician Assignment, Outpatient Providers Bulk Population Management Views, and more. New Features Training: QI Trends, HARP HCBS, PCP, & More Slides* February 26, 2020
New Features Training: BHCC & 5055 Consent, Bulk Population Views, & MoreLeaving OMH site Provides a demonstration of new features added to PSYCKES in release 6.7.0 in October 2019, such as: Consent for BHCC and for adult Health Home (DOH 5055), Recipient Search population management “Views,” Opioid Overdose Risk Alert – Opioid & Benzodiazepine Co-prescribing, Children’s Waiver Status (K Codes), and new population filters. New Features Training: BHCC & 5055 Consent, Bulk Population Views, & More Slides* November 13, 2019
PSYCKES Utilization Reports for VBPLeaving OMH site Provides training on the Utilization Reports designed to support providers in preparing for Value Based Payment (VBP). The reports include Medicaid Managed Care Plans and Product Lines, Provider Network, and Service Settings and Volume. PSYCKES Utilization Reports for VBP Slides* June 8, 2017
New PSYCKES Features Training: Upload & Create Safety Plans and MoreLeaving OMH site Provides a demonstration of new features added to PSYCKES in 2017, such as: Ability to upload or create a safety plan; Redesign of PSYCKES, including streamlined way to look up 90clients; Filter reports by a specific Managed Care product line; and OMH Unsuccessful Discharge Sustained Engagement Alert. New PSYCKES Features Training Slides* July 19, 2017

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