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Office of Mental Health

Community Residence/Single Room Occupancy (CR/SRO) Housing for Adults with SMI

The New York State Office of Mental Health announces this Request for Proposals (RFP) for the operation of a CR-SRO in Bronx, New York. There will be one award for a 60-unit CR-SRO that is fully occupied. The sponsor that is selected will be expected to take over the program with the least amount of disruption to the residents and to the extent possible, retainage of existing staff.

The sponsor will be expected to submit and obtain licensure through the submission of the PAR application; secure building ownership which includes the transfer of the existing mortgage by DASNY and execution of Program Assurances and become the new General Partner within the existing LIHTC structure. Proposals are due 05/22/2017. Proposals must be submitted on-line via the Grants Gateway by the date and time posted on the cover of this RFP.


It has been brought to the NYS Office of Mental Health attention that the Appendix A- Transmittal Form is asking for Proposal Components that are not applicable to this RFP.

Please be advised that it is not required to submit an “Appendix E – Reference Form” or a "Labeled Flash Drive with One PDF document".