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Office of Mental Health

Medication Grant Program (MGP)

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to invite eligible applicants to submit proposals to serve as a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) for the Medication Grant Program (MGP). MGP provides grants to pay for the cost of medications to treat mental illness and other services needed to prescribe and administer medications for eligible individuals.


The Medication Grant Program (MGP) RFP and all associated forms and documents are posted on the NYS Contract Reporter. Please access through their website at

March 16th, 2020
Please be advised that due to the issues and concerns surrounding COVID-19 (Corona Virus), OMH is amending its RFP specific to Section 2.6(B)/Instructions for Bid Submission and Required Format. This section requires that applicants must submit one copy along with a flash drive, by mail, delivery service or hand delivery by 2:00 PM EST on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. OMH is amending this to allow for submission via email (PDF version only) to Carol Swiderski at The due date and time remain 4/1/20 by 2:00 pm EST.

March 12th, 2020
There were two (2) questions that were missed when creating the Q&A list. Please see the questions and responses below.

Question a on section 7.4:  The creation of a database in electronic form to store demographic information associated with the enrollment and disenrollment of individuals into MGP and transmit this data to OMH and counties on a weekly basis will have been developed during the contract cycle. Is this in addition to the roster?

Response:  The enrollment/disenrollment electronic database should contain all the data elements captured from the processed MGP enrollment/disenrollment forms.   At a minimum, the contractor should have the ability to transmit a comma delimited formatted file of the enrollment/disenrollment data to OMH and a county-specific roster to the counties on a weekly basis.  As noted in 7.4.e, the contractor should also have the ability to transmit a comma delimited formatted file of the enrollment/disenrollment data to the counties on a weekly basis, upon request by a county.

Question b on section 7.4:  Will OMH provide a periodic county contact list?

Response:  As noted in 7.4.b, OMH is responsible for providing county contact information to the contractor.  OMH will provide the county contact list upon the start of the PBM’s MGP implementation.  Thereafter, OMH and the PBM share responsibility for maintaining the county contact list.

Question c on section 7.4:  Does the demographic information need to be county specific?

Response:  Enrollment/Disenrollment data reporting to the counties should be county specific.

Question d on section 7.4:  Is this upon request?

Response:  Enrollment/Disenrollment data reporting to OMH and the counties should be weekly.  Transmitting the data in a comma delimited formatted file to a county would be initiated upon the request from the county and continue weekly in that format unless the county requests a return to the previous method.

Question on Section 7.5.e:  In conjunction with OMH, the contractor will hold an annual training seminar for local MGP programs. Is this upon request? Can you explain local MGP programs (i.e. counties, providers, etc.)

Response:  As of the distribution of this RFP, the intent is for an annual training seminar/webinar.  The annual training would be targeted to the MGP participating counties, as well as the hospitals, psychiatric centers, local jails and prisons that submit MGP Enrollment/Disenrollment forms.