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Office of Mental Health

Schools of Social Work Deans' Consortium Project
for Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health

The Schools of Social Work Deans' Consortium Project is a partnership between OMH and Schools/Departments of Social Work in New York. Students receive training and education in recovery oriented, evidence-based practices for adults diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Description of Project and goals:
The partnership began in 2001. The University at Buffalo School of Social Work created the University at Buffalo Coordinating Center (UBCC) to oversee the project. In addition to the five initial Schools of Social Work, the collaboration now includes thirteen Schools or Departments of Social Work.

The primary goal of the Consortium is to prepare masters level social work students to enter a changing mental health service system. The project aims to increase knowledge of evidence based approaches, and to teach students how to use these methods.

Participating MSW students learn about evidence–based practices approved by the NYS OMH. They include:

Approved internships offer opportunities to learn about cognitive approaches to treatment, motivational interviewing, and trauma informed treatment models.

Each school has a faculty project director who coordinates the project and serves as liaison with OMH and UBCC staff. OMH provides support to fund student awards, faculty honoraria and speakers’ fees. Selected students who meet the award requirements receive a certificate and small financial reward.

Overview of Project Components

List of participating schools:
13 universities and colleges take part in the project through their Schools or Department of Social Work:

Student Award Criteria

Project faculty at each participating school selects the student award recipients. Each recipient must complete all three required components to be eligible for an award. The faculty director will verify that the students meet the following requirements:

Students enrolled at a participating school are encouraged to inquire about the Deans' Consortium Project for Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health at the Field Education office or with the Faculty Director for that program.

For more information, please send questions to: Social Work EBP Project.