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Office of Mental Health

About OMH

New York State has a large, multi-faceted mental health system that serves more than 700,000 individuals each year. The Office of Mental Health (OMH) operates psychiatric centers across the State. OMH also regulates, certifies and oversees more than 4,500 programs, operated by local governments and nonprofit agencies.

For questions about mental health services, to find a mental health service provider or to make a complaint, call OMH Customer Relations toll-free at 1-800-597-8481.

OMH Mission

The Mission of the New York State Office of Mental Health is to promote the mental health of all New Yorkers, with a particular focus on providing hope and recovery for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbances

Contact OMH and County Mental Health Agencies:

Agency Overview:

Mental Health Acronyms
View a list of abbreviations used on the OMH website.

OMH Institute for Program and Policy Innovation
The Institute aims to develop agency efficiency in addressing urgent issues in public mental health.

OMH Regulations
OMH Regulations include those regulations that are currently under public review and those that were recently adopted by the Commissioner of Mental Health.

Organization Chart
The OMH Organization Chart details the organizational structure of the agency.

The Office of Planning provides resources for use in state and local planning.

OMH operates two world-renowned Research Institutes, Nathan Kline Institute and New York State Psychiatric Institute. These institutes are among the preeminent sources for psychiatric research in the United States.

Schools of Social Work Project
The NYS Office of Mental Health - Schools of Social Work Project for Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health is a partnership between OMH and participating Schools or Departments of Social Work in New York State.

OMH Council Participation:

Behavioral Health Service Advisory Council
The Behavioral Health Services Advisory Council may consider any matter relating to the improvement of behavioral health services in the State.

Inter-Office Coordinating Council
A collaborative entity created to improve continuity and coordination of services for New Yorkers.

Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council Leaving OMH site
MISCC is responsible for developing a comprehensive Statewide plan to ensure that people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities receive care and services in the most integrated settings appropriate to their individual needs.

Mental Health Resources, Statistics & Reports:

General Mental Health Information and Resources
OMH provides several publications regarding behavioral health for consumers, families, providers, and other interested parties.

Statistics & Reports
OMH operates multiple databases which present statistics on the mental health system and specific programs throughout the State. OMH also publishes reports, both voluntarily and legislatively mandated, on many issues important to New York residents.