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Office of Mental Health

Requesting Medical Records

The Office of Mental Health is dedicated to keeping the privacy of our patients.

To request information from your record or the records of a deceased family member, please provide a letter and a copy of one of the documents listed below:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
  3. Death Certificate (If requesting records of deceased family member)

If you are a family member of a deceased patient, you can request information if:

  1. You have proof of the patient’s permission prior to his/her death.
  2. It is relevant to your own health, and is requested by your physician.
  3. You are the executor of the estate and have included a copy of court papers.
  4. Have written consent from the executor.

Please send requests to:
Central Files
44 Holland Avenue
Albany, New York 12229

If your request is related to a missing person please go to the Missing Person Reporting page. Follow the directions to enter your request.

We are bound by federal rules and guidance on access to records of deceased patients.

The Office of Mental Health does not provide copies for genealogy search purposes. Visit the Department of Health for genealogy records and resources.

Confidentiality of patients’ records is mandated by Section 33.13 of the Mental Hygiene Law.
Any information disclosed by this agency upon receipt of a legitimate request shall be kept confidential by the party receiving the information and may not be re-disclosed without the direct consent of the patient.

Comments or questions about the information on this page, including accessibility issues, can be directed to Central Files.