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Office of Mental Health

Youth Culture and Technology

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood can be challenging and presents opportunities to learn about youth "culture." The three videos explore topics ranging from effective communication to technology in youth culture. If we listen to what youth have to say, we can make a difference!

NYS Multiple Systems Navigator
Access helpful health, education, human service and disability information on one user-friendly website. Built for youth, parents, family members and caregivers that rely on supports from multiple child and family serving systems. Leaving OMH site

The Network on the Transitions to Adulthood Leaving OMH site
Examines the policies, programs, and institutions that support young people as they move into adulthood.

YOUTH POWER! Youth Culture presentation
This presentation will familiarize you with the basics of youth culture in today's world. The presentation demonstrates the behavior of young people and provides an overview of the impact of youth culture on society. Also see the Youth Culture Resource list - last page!