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Office of Mental Health

Education and Employment Resources

Resources for young people wishing to pursue an education and/or work while managing a mental health disorder. Included is information about preparing for college life, how to find and keep employment, and links to other agencies that offer other assistance.

Educational Resources

Back to SchoolLeaving OMH site
Toolkit for College Students with Mental Health Disabilities

Graduation Options for Students with Disabilities
Power point presentation - September 2013 Transitional Age Youth Institute conference.

Transitions RTCLeaving OMH site
This program conducts cutting edge research that support the transition of youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions (age14-30) into rewarding lives as students and workers.

Vocational Resources

CareerZone Leaving OMH site
The place to explore careers related to your strengths, skills and talents. Help with creating a resume. Develop a budget to get your life on track. Find links to information military careers, or college preparation and financial aid.

New York Employment Services System (NYESS)Leaving OMH site
Operating under a whole-person philosophy, New York State (NYS) has successfully brought together its employment services systems to create a single approach to linking and coordinating employment supports, using the Medicaid Infrastructure Grant as the catalyst. NYS' 2011 Medicaid Infrastructure Grant funds the initiatives that comprise the New York Makes Work Pay program…

JobZoneLeaving OMH site
Resources for job seekers, including information on your local “One Stop Center” to find a job

NYS ACCES-VR Services (formerly known as VESID) Leaving OMH site Youth/Parents/ Educators/Service Providers
ACCESS- VR is a state funded program which starts with the presumption that all persons with disabilities can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services and should have opportunities to work in jobs integrated within their communities. VR Counselors guide individuals through service programs they need to reach their employment goals.

Social Security Administration “Red Book”Leaving OMH site
One of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) highest priorities is to support the efforts of disabled beneficiaries who want to work by developing policies and services to help them reach their employment goals through work incentives. The Red Book is written primarily for educators, advocates, rehabilitation professionals, and counselors who serve persons with disabilities. It is also expected that applicants and beneficiaries will use it as a self-help guide.

Disability Disclosure

NCWD/Youth – The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for YouthLeaving OMH site
NCWD/Youth is your source for information about employment and youth with disabilities.

Youth organizing! Disabled and Proud! Leaving OMH site
Youth Organizing (YO!) develops community organizing activities to build a power base among youth with disabilities so that we can effectively work for change.YO! works with teens and young adults with disabilities ages 16 to 28.