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Office of Mental Health

Healthcare and Wellness

Adolescent Health Library Leaving OMH site
Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) has identified several federal adolescent health resources, including tips, factsheets, and other publications. The materials are organized by the following topics: Healthy Relationships, Mental Health, Physical Health & Nutrition, Reproductive Health and Substance Abuse. Leaving OMH site
Teaches skills and provides tools for care coordination, keeping a health summary, and setting priorities during the transition process. Use this site to develop skills for transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare. The Healthy Transition website was developed by the New York State Institute for Health Transition Training.

Physical Education for Body, Mind and Spirit Leaving OMH site
By exploring this website and taking an interest in starting a martial arts–based and/or yoga-based physical education program at your school, you are taking a step toward tapping into the potential of your students.

Prescription Drug Prices in New York State Leaving OMH site
Compare prices on prescription medications.  The New York State Board of Pharmacy publishes an annual list of the 150 most frequently prescribed drugs Leaving OMH site, in the most common quantities. The New York State Department of Health collects retail price information on these drugs from pharmacies that participate in the Medicaid program and from pharmacies that submit their retail price information directly to the Department of Health. This site allows you to search for specific drugs from the most frequently prescribed drug list.

Teen Activist Project (TAP) - NYC Leaving OMH site
If you’re a teen in New York State, you have the right to make some decisions about your health on your own. The Teen Health Initiative is here to inform you about your legal rights to health care and information!

Center for Disease Control and Prevention / Adolescent and School Health Leaving OMH site
Information addressing adolescents in the context of: school health; individual health; nutrition; policy; program development; data; statistics; and evaluation. The CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) mission is to prevent HIV, other STDs, and teen pregnancy and promote lifelong health among youth.

How to create a wellness program for your local schoolLeaving OMH site
The Idea Health and Fitness Association provides a step-by-step guide as a blueprint for implementing the government mandate to improve the diets and exercise habits of students in your district.