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Office of Mental Health

Parenting Resources

Healthy Families NY Leaving OMH site
The Healthy Families New York Home Visiting Program offers home-based services to expectant families and new parents beginning prenatally or shortly after the birth of the child. Participants are screened to identify risk factors and stressors the family may face. Families who participate are offered long-term in-home services until the child is in school or Head Start.

Common Sense Parenting Leaving OMH site
Explore the Boys Town resource library for parenting information and articles developed by child behavior experts.

ParentingWell Leaving OMH site
Resources to provide hope, encourage mental health and recovery, and help parents, their children, and families achieve their goals.

Resources on Pregnancy and Parenting Issues for Youth Leaving OMH site
This publication provides information and contact information to youth who are pregnant or parenting while in care.