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Office of Mental Health

Bronx Psychiatric Center

Bronx Psychiatric Center

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1500 Waters Place
Bronx, NY 10461
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Phone: (718) 931-0600

Fax: (718) 862-4879

E-Mail: Bronx Psychiatric Center

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About Bronx Psychiatric Center

Bronx Psychiatric Center provides:

Inpatient hospitalization takes place at the main campus. Our outpatient site is in the borough of the Bronx.

Areas Served

Bronx County and the Greater NYC Region


Bronx Psychiatric Center's vision, in the spirit of hope and recovery, is to create a safe and respectful treatment environment that emphasizes collaboration and support among staff, recipients and their families


In partnership with recipients, their families and the community, Bronx Psychiatric Center will provide an integrated system of treatment to facilitate hope and recovery of individuals with serious mental illness. We will offer a choice evidence-based programs which respect the dignity, cultural differences and self-worth of those we serve. We will offer them in the safest environment possible.


Guiding Principles

Safety first: Patients, staff, and our community.

We provide treatment, rehabilitation, and support to assist patients in their recovery process.

We tailor our services to the individual’s:

We work to promote empowerment, advocacy, and choice by consumers of service. We are partners with consumers in fighting the stigma and misconceptions about mental illness.

We work with families as respected allies.

We operate under contemporary principles of health care:

We specialize in treatment of people with severe and complex mental illness, requiring continuity of care, not episodic care. We operate as part of an integrated delivery network that is planned and supervised by County Departments of Mental Health.

We intend not only to meet and exceed existing standards in our field but contribute to establishing new ones. We engage in continuous learning, problem solving and performance improvement. We rely on science as it leads to innovative, evidence-based treatment approaches.

To provide hope, everything about our work must project hope: