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Office of Mental Health

Hutchings Psychiatric Center Internship in Clinical Psychology

HPC's Psychology Internship is a one-year (September through August) program designed to provide advanced training in the core skills of clinical psychology as they are applied in a comprehensive system of mental health services including community-based, civil commitment, and corrections settings. Successful applicants match with a position corresponding to a major area of interest: (1) Adult, (2) Child, (3) Civil Hospital Forensic Sex Offender Treatment, or (4) Prison-based Sex Offender Treatment. Interns spend the first two weeks of the training year meeting the faculty and visiting the rotation sites. The internship consists of two or more basic rotations, one of which is the pre-committed rotation (two days/week for the full training year). Interns also select one additional year-long or two six-month rotations from a wide range of patient populations and treatment settings based on our core training objectives and each intern's career plans and professional goals. Available rotation/training sites include two different adult inpatient units, two different adult outpatient clinics, a child/adolescent inpatient unit, a child/adolescent outpatient clinic, and civil commitment and prison-based sex offender treatment programs. Our series of weekly seminars complements the rotation experiences. For more information about the Internship Program, see the attached brochure, e-mail Brian Thomson or call the HPC Psychology Department at (315) 462-6834.

Internship Admissions, Support and Initial Placement Data is available and updated annually.