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Office of Mental Health

Community Services

Manhattan Psychiatric Center's (MPC) Community Services are located in the Adam Clayton Powell State Office building at 163 West 125th Street 11th & 12th floors, New York City, New York 10027. Services located at this site include a Licensed Adult Outpatient Mental Health Clinic; an Intensive Case Management (ICM) program; a Bridger/Case Management program; Service for the Treatment and Abatement of Interpersonal Risk (STAIR) follow up program: and, a Family Care program. Services are offered in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner to adults 18 and over.  Community Services incorporate evidence based practices in striving to provide state of the art, individualized services to consumers. Families/Significant Other(s) are involved as appropriate and with the permission of the consumer. Community Services also has an active Consumer Advisory Council to ensure consumer input in all aspects of planning for services as well as addressing consumer concerns. A brochure is available for a description of different services available at the 125th Street site.

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