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Office of Mental Health

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Visiting Hours:
Monday through Friday 4pm-8pm
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10am-noon, 3pm-8pm

Sagamore PC is an intermediate care facility that provides structure and supervision for children and adolescents with serious emotional and psychiatric disturbances. We accept referrals from community hospitals. The length of stay varies according to individual needs.

The inpatient teams consist of professionals from a variety of disciplines including:

Treatment methods include:

Our integrated approach creates a therapeutic environment for our residents.

Sagamore maintains its own school, provides routine medical services, and therapeutic recreation programs. The Education Department works closely with home school districts to make sure no student falls behind.

ICAN Inpatient Treatment
The Intensive Treatment for Children with Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ICAN) treats people ages 10-18. This program gives children with co-occuring neurodevelopmental disorders a high level of structure, consistency, and predictability.

An adapted classroom provides visual supports, a comfort area, choice boards, and a flexible care plan. 

Family Participation
We encourage family participation in the treatment. This is a key factor in a successful course of inpatient hospital treatment. The more you know about your child’s treatment and needs, the better you can advocate for them when they leave our hospital.

We have Family Peer Specialists on staff to help. Contact a Family Peer Specialist at 631-370-1619 for more information.


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