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Office of Mental Health

Appendix 1:
Status of OMH as a Covered Entity

Name of the Agency: Office of Mental Health
Page Number: 1
Overall Agency Designation (Choose those that apply):
Non-covered Health care plan Health care clearinghouse Health care provider engaging in electronic transactions Hybrid Organized health care arrangement Affiliated entity Business associate/partner
Reasoning Behind Determination: Agency's legal services has provided an analysis. OMH is a legal entity that directly operates various state psychiatric hospitals pursuant to New York State Mental Hygiene Law §7.17.
Agency Contact Name: Michael R.
Mittleman, PhD
Agency Contact Phone Number: 474-1558
Individual Functions Reviewed Designation of Function Summary of Reasoning
Psychiatric centers provider engaging in electronic transactions OMH directly operates these providers
OMH prepaid mental health plan non-covered program is exempt from health plan per HIPAA definition
Signature of Agency Commissioner or Equivalent and Date of Submission: