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Office of Mental Health

The Automated Mental Health Background Check (MHBC)

The automated Mental Health Background Check allows your organization to automatically search public mental health systems. This system performs mental health background checks for individuals requesting pistol permits, long rifle, explosives, and certain types of employment. The MHBC provides results within 24 hours of the request. Access to this system is limited to members of local law enforcement with responsibility for pistol permits, long rifles, explosives and certain types of employment.

Log onto the MHBC System Leaving OMH site

MHBC User Guide

Authorization for Release of Information (FOR MENTAL HEALTH BACKGROUND CHECK USE ONLY)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Information Security Training are required for any staff authorized to use the system.

Please use the links below to view the trainings and supplemental materials.


Information Security Training