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Office of Mental Health

OMH Community Mental Health Loan Repayment Program (OMH CMHLRP)

The FY 2022-23 Office of Mental Health (OMH) Budget includes $9 million annually to support a new program to support licensed community mental health programs in the recruitment and retention of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners (NPs). OMH is establishing: The OMH Community Mental Health Loan Repayment Program (OMH CMHLRP) to support designated community programs in this effort.


UPDATE – 3/2/2023

The application deadline is being extended to March 31st, 2023. See the OMH CMHLRP Status Report for approved award allocations as of February 28th, 2023. While funding remains available, we encourage providers to continue to apply!

UPDATE – 1/9/2023

After receiving a number of questions regarding repayment, in particular where an employee fails to complete their full-service obligation, OMH has decided to elaborate further prior to sending out award letters so applicants and their employees are fully aware of all the requirements of the award. In the example employer-employee agreement, language was added to explicitly detail the responsibilities of both parties regarding repayment (item P). This additional language outlines what is required by OMH and what is left to the applicant's discretion. Any questions (along with their answers) regarding repayment will be posted in the following Questions & Answers (last revision was 12/15/2022).

OMH has updated the following documents to reflect this: