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Office of Mental Health

Apartment Treatment Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness

OMH is committed to investing in community-based services that reduce the demand for psychiatric hospitalization and long stays in inpatient settings.

In support of this mission, OMH is announcing available funding for the development and operation of up to 171 Treatment Apartment Program (TAP) housing units statewide.



It has been brought to our attention that question 5.4.3b is worded the same as 5.4.3a in SFS. Please answer question 5.4.3b as it is written in the RFP document – Provide a staffing plan. Include a description of the roles and responsibilities of each staff member. Indicate the skills and experience each staff member will be expected to have. Describe initial and ongoing staff training and supervision. Due to this error the due date of the proposals will be extended one week to 4/16 at 2:00pm.