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Office of Mental Health

Connecting Youth to Mental Health Supports - Suicide Prevention

As part of New York State's commitment to preventing suicides, the Office of Mental Health (OMH) is announcing available funding for non-profit agencies and tribal organizations serving at-risk youth and/or young adults from historically underserved, racial and ethnic minoritized populations, and/or LGBQIA+ groups. This includes populations in rural areas.


UPDATE 12/12/2023

Due to the fact that applicants will not be able to work on and/or complete Prequalification Vaults (In Grants Gateway) beginning 12/15/23 – 1/16/24 (at which point, the Prequalification process will covert to and occur in the Statewide Financial System SFS), OMH is extending the due date of this RFP from 1/4/24 to 1/31/24.

UPDATE 1/26/2024

Please be advised there were a couple of errors in the Grants Gateway build for the “Connecting Youth to Mental Health Supports – Suicide Prevention” (OMH01-CYMHSP-2023) RFP:

  • Question 6.7 in Grants Gateway states "Financial Assessment - 20 point" and has a text box with a 4,000 character cap. This was an error and the indication for Response Type should have been N/A, as no response to 6.7 is required. The fix to this is in order to get past this question without receiving an error message, you will have to type “Not Applicable” in the response box that appears. The appropriate responses to this section is to provide the requested template uploads in response to Questions 6.7a and 6.7b.
  • Question 6.7a (Budget/Appendix B) has errors in it specific to the funding amounts available. The RFP itself has the correct funding listed and this is what should be budgeted for: Up to $680,000 for serving New York City counties and up to $580,000 for serving counties outside of NYC is available annually.

For any applicant that has submitted their applications to Grants Gateway already, if you choose to, you do have the opportunity to have your application returned to you for any work you feel needs to be done to address these issues (if any). NOTE: all requests to have your application returned must be made in writing to the Grants Gateway Help Desk ( The request must include the following Attestation – “We attest to understanding and acknowledge that if we request to have the application returned to us for additional work, it must be returned by the new deadline of 2/5/23 at 2:00 PM and that our original timely submission is irrelevant/not applicable”.

In order to provide enough notification of these errors and allow for appropriate time to address in applications, the due date for this RFP will be extended to Monday, February 5th (2/5/24) at 2:00 PM. NOTE – The Connecting Youth to Mental Health Supports – Trans Leadership, Staff, and Youth (CYMHS-T) RFP due will not be extended. The due date remains Wednesday, January 31st (1/31/24) at 2:00 PM.