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Office of Mental Health

Health Home Plus (HH+) – Specialty Mental Health Care Management Agency (SMH CMA) Connections to Support Critical Transitions

The Office of Mental Health (OMH) announces the availability of funds to support the expansion of Health Home Plus (HH+) in New York State. We anticipate making up to 63 awards across the state, contingent on funding.

This funding targets OMH-designated SMH CMAs to develop connections to support critical transitions in care. The combined total of these awards will be up to $2,500,000 over one (1) year.


UPDATE 12/05/2023

Please be advised that due to the Grants Gateway shut down from 1/10/24-1/16/24, the due date for this RFA has been extended to 1/31/2024. Applications will still be completed in the Grants Gateway. Any work completed before the shutdown will not be lost but no work can be completed during that time. OMH encourages applicants to get as much work done as possible prior to the 1/10/24 shutdown date.