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Office of Mental Health

Supportive Housing Single Room Occupancy (SP-SRO) Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness

OMH is committed to investing in permanent housing for individuals with a serious mental illness. In support of this mission, OMH is announcing available funding for the development and operation of up to 750 Supportive Housing Single Room Occupancy units throughout the state.


UPDATE 1/22/2024

Program Specific Questions 5.5.3c, 5.5.3d and 5.5.3e included in the RFP document, were inadvertently left out of the Grants Gateway. Applicants should answer those questions (located in the RFP document and in the “Omitted Questions” document above) in the upload to Question 3a or 3b.

UPDATE 12/5/2023

Please be advised that due to the Grants Gateway shut down from 1/10/24-1/16/24, the due date for this RFP has been extended to 1/30/2024. Applications will still be completed in the Grants Gateway. Any work completed before the shutdown will not be lost but no work can be completed during that time. OMH encourages applicants to get as much work done as possible prior to the 1/10/24 shutdown date.