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Office of Mental Health

Apartment Treatment Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness

OMH is committed to investing in community-based services that reduce the demand for psychiatric hospitalization and long lengths of stay in inpatient settings. Based on the need for additional residential opportunities to support this mission, we are announcing this Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development and operation of up to 450 Treatment Apartment Program (TAP) housing units statewide.

Request for Proposal

Unit Distribution by County for Treatment Apartment RFP Revised

Appendix B1

Questions and Answers

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UPDATE 07/12/2023

Appendix B1- Budget Narrative has been added to this webpage as the link in the Grants Gateway is not working. Please use this template to answer program specific question 6c in the Grants Gateway.

UPDATE 07/25/2023

The Unit Distribution by County for Treatment Apartment RFP document posted to this webpage has been revised to match the one posted in the Grants Gateway.

UPDATE 08/04/2023

The answer to Q47 in the Q&A is incorrect, the workplan section of the Grants Gateway, while not scored, is required to be completed with the application.  The objectives are not state defined, they are grantee defined.