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Office of Mental Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Security Manager Selection and Log-In

PCS – related questions

Using the SMS

Different User ID for each facility

  1. I am responsible for two facilities. With Mental Health Provider Data Exchange (MHPD), I could enter data for both facilities using one User ID. Why does SMS require me to use a different User ID for each facility?
  1. Administrators at OMH could grant a user access to a second facility within the MHPD application. This feature was not added to SMS because the presence of client data in applications, such as the Patient Characteristic Survey and PSYCKES Medicaid, make the risk of making an error while granting access to a second facility too great.


  1. I've lost my token. How do I replace it?
  1. Please contact the OMH Help Center at 1-800-HELP-NYS (1-800-435-7697). After confirming your identity, Help Center staff will assist with the process of obtaining a replacement.
  1. Do I use the same token for all OMH applications?
  1. Yes, the same SecureID token is used with all OMH applications.

Multiple User IDs

  1. The SMS assigned me a different user ID than I have for other OMH systems. How can I replace all my User IDs with a single User ID?
  1. SMS is designed to prevent this from happening by requesting that the user enters his or her existing User ID when registering for access and advising that User IDs will not be changed later. Please contact the OMH Help Center at 1-800-HELP-NYS (1-800-435-7697) to request the procedure for converting to a single User ID.

We do not provide MH services to clients

  1. We don't operate MH service programs. Why did we get an email saying that we need to register for SMS?
  1. SMS is used to grant access to a variety of data systems maintained by the Office of Mental Health, including some systems accessed by agencies that do not operate MH programs

More than one Security Manager

  1. Can I appoint multiple Security Managers?
  1. Yes, this will allow you to provide back-up in case of illness or vacation. Because the role of Security Manager is so important, we may contact you to confirm the appointment of more than two Security Managers.

Changing a password

  1. Can a user change his password to one that he prefers?
  1. No. RSA Access Manager will not allow a user to change his password. However, if a user forgets his password, the Security Manager may reset it and a new one will be generated by the SMS application.

Resetting a password

  1. When a user receives a new or reset password for one application in SMS, such as the Patient Characteristics Survey, does he use the new or reset password for Salute applications like MHPD?
  1. Yes

Error Message

  1. I received this error message: "Access denied. You do not have access to perform the requested operation." What does it mean?
  1. The UserID was added to your agency's list at some point in the past, but no longer exists in our Security systems. This UserID should not be shown on the User List. Please notify the OMH Helpdesk of this error message and OMH will remove the UserID.

Deactivate button

  1. I want to deactivate some users that have not been with our agency for some time. When I go to the Edit User screen, I can’t see the Deactivate button. Why is this and how do I deactivate these users?
  1. If a mandatory field on the edit user screen is not filled in, you will not see a deactivate button.  The mandatory fields are first name, last name, email address, phone number, and agency.  Simply fill in the missing information and hit the update button, and you will now see the deactivate button. 

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the OMH Helpdesk.