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Office of Mental Health

Telehealth Services

Telehealth plays a valuable role when on-site services are delayed or not available. Telehealth can:

  • improve access to care
  • offer local care in a timely fashion
  • improve continuity of care
  • improve treatment compliance and coordination of care

"Telehealth" is defined as the use of telehealth technologies by telehealth practitioners to provide mental health services at a distance.


2015: OMH introduces 14 NYCRR Part 596, establishing a formal set of standards for using "telepsychiatry"

2016: OMH expands regulation to allow the use of telepsychiatry beyond licensed MHL Article 31 mental health clinic settings.

2019: OMH amends regulation:

  • Allows more providers to deliver services
  • Expands distant and originating site locations
  • Increases number of eligible programs

2022: OMH further expands the regulation:

  • Changes the term Telemental Health to Telehealth, aligning with all state agencies
  • Allows for the use of audio-only
  • Strengthens language around consent and recipient preference
  • Expands the definition of telehealth practitioner
  • Removes PROS and ACT specific language
  • Allows the ability for all telehealth practitioners to deliver services from outside NYS
  • Removes the requirement of an in-person initial assessment
  • Allows the use of telehealth for Article 9 admissions

2023: OMH issues updated Telehealth Services Guidance:

  • Provides general and program-specific implementation guidance for OMH providers
OMH Issues Telehealth Standards of Care to align with Part 596 regulations and Telehealth Services Guidance


OMH offers direction to licensed or designated providers who wish to offer telehealth to their clients. The guidelines describe the implications for:

  • application for use of telehealth
  • clinical guidance
  • training resources
  • billing guidelines
  • technology and telecommunication standards

Effective Date Memo on OMH Telehealth Guidance

Telehealth Services Guidance for Providers

Telehealth Attestation- Appendix A

Telehealth Modifier Use for OMH-licensed/Designated Programs

Part 596 Telehealth Regulations

Telehealth Standards of Care

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