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Office of Mental Health

Targeted Case Management (TCM) to Health Homes (HHs) Information

Health Home Plus (HH+) for Serious Mental Illness

Health Home Plus (HH+) is an intensive Health Home Care Management (HHCM) service established for defined populations with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) who are enrolled in a Health Home.

Health Home Plus (HH+) Guidance for Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Updated HH+ and NYS EA Qualifications (Effective 9/1/19)
Health Home Plus Program Guidance
(Issued January 2019)

Credentials to Serve Health Home Plus (HH+) for Members with Serious Mental Illness

Effective May 2018, OMH has established HH+ CMA Credentials that must be met by any non-OMH Legacy CMAs and non-Legacy CMAs who will serve the HH+ population and receive the HH+ reimbursement.

Health Home Plus CMA Credentials Update (Issued January 2019)

Update effective August 21, 2014

The New York State (NYS) Office of Mental Health's (OMH)TCM program serving adults is close to complete transition to Health Home Care Management.

When updated guidance pertinent to OMH programs is developed, it will be placed on this site.

Please refer to the Administrative Fee Payments to Health Homes for OMH State-Operated former TCM Programs for information on how OMH will calculate and pay the administrative fee to Health Homes for OMH State-operated former TCM Programs converting to Health Homes. (February 13, 2014)

For the most current information regarding Health Home implementation, please refer to DOH guidance below – especially to the
DOH Policy and Standards page Leaving OMH site

For information and all other questions on Health Homes,
please visit the New York State Department of Health (DOH) Medicaid Health Homes pages at:

To e-mail DOH