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Office of Mental Health

Information for Children, Teens and Their Families

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Emotional health matters for children and teens. It can affect their educational development and ability to connect with friends and family. Emotional health can also affect their ability to cope with life's setbacks.

In New York, we offer a range of services to help you to identify emotional health needs and to provide treatment or support. The earlier you know that your child has an emotional health need, the sooner you can act. It is a fact that children can and do recover from even the most serious emotional disturbances.

This website will keep you engaged with services, support and information.


OMH has published many brochures and guides that address issues involving children such as school violence, suicide prevention, crisis counseling and more.

Engage – The Children's Plan Leaving OMH site

Building Strength of Heart and Peace of Mind: Improving the Lives of New York’s Children

Mental Health Treatment & Support Services in NYS

Community Support Services
Project TEACHLeaving OMH site
Family Support Services
Treatment Services
Need Help to Find a Program in Your Area? Use our online search.
New York State county contact Leaving OMH site information is also available.

Treatment Advisories

We are learning more and more everyday about the treatment of emotional disturbance in children. This area of our website will provide you with the latest treatment advisories issued in collaboration with the OMH Medical Director.

Sesame Workshop Videos

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, and the New York State Office of Mental Health have partnered over the years to produce materials for children and their families to help them cope with whatever life might throw their way.