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Office of Mental Health

Children’s Health and Behavioral Health System Transformation

New York State envisions an integrated children’s healthcare system where there is “no wrong door” for children/youth experiencing complex needs.

The Children’s Health and Behavioral Health Medicaid System Transformation restructured the health care delivery system for individuals under 21 that have behavioral health (BH) needs and/or complex medical conditions.

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Child/Youth and Family Education and Outreach

The NYS Children’s System Transformation; A Discussion with Children and Families

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS):

CFTSS Consumer Video

News Release: January 2, 2019

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CFTSS Fact Sheet

CFTSS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Children's Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

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Children’s Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MMCO) Qualifications

To ensure Medicaid Managed Care Plans can meet the needs of the children´s Medicaid populations, Plans are reviewed and qualified against new administrative, performance, and fiscal standards.

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS)

CFTSS meet children’s needs and increase access to services, and can work by themselves or with other services. This depends on the needs of each child/youth and family.

Any child who is eligible for Medicaid and has a behavioral health need can access services with more flexibility and choice.

Anyone can make a referral for service. A licensed practitioner must make the determination for access and service provision.

Find an OMH CFTSS Provider

Designated CFTSS Providers

CFTSS Provider Manual

SAMPLE Recommendation Form for LPHAs

OMH Clinic and OLP Services

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CFTSS Collateral Contact

Health Record Documentation

Pathways to Care Resource

Provider Designation

Provision in Community Residences

Reporting CFTSS Incidents

NIMRS Reporting for CFTSS

Unlicensed CFTSS Oversight Policy

Children’s Home and Community Based Services

HCBS offer support to children and allow them to remain at home and in the community. They provide person-centered care and value individual strengths, preferences, needs, and desired outcomes.

Children and families can choose from a collection of service options and providers. Services are provided in a flexible, complimentary package that develops over time to meet the changing needs of children.

Children’s Provider Readiness Funding

The NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH), Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), and Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) provided $3.5 million in readiness funding.

These dollars were for behavioral health providers participating in the Children’s Medicaid System Transformation who met specific criteria. Funding was intended to make sure that providers were ready to deliver new children’s services and bill for those services.

Readiness Funding was broken out into five different areas:

OASAS received funding to contract with an entity to provide technical assistance related to substance use disorders. All OASAS designated providers are eligible to participate in these trainings.

Please contact OMH Managed Care with any questions, comments, or problems you may be experiencing with this site. If you would like to file a complaint about behavioral health managed care, please visit the Information on Filing a Complaint page. Providers, if you have any questions about the managed care implementation, please complete and send a question form.